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Our fruit powder contains only the freshest fruits and dry them using our proprietary, low-thermal drying method which preserves nutritional value. All of our fruit powder products are additive-free and made using high quality surplus fruit sourced from farmers and processors worldwide.

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Powders & Flakes Options

All of our fruit powder products are available in both powder and flake options. Our fruit powder has a fine mesh and are suitable to be added to recipes for baked goods, cosmetics, pet food, etc. Flakes are larger in size and can be rehydrated. If you are looking for dehydrated fruit powder or flakes in a different sized mesh, we are happy to do a custom order made to your exact specifications.

Organic or Conventional

Depending on your purposes, you may prefer to use an organic or conventional (non-organic) product, which is why we offer both organic and conventional options for our fruit powder & flake products. All of our organic products are 100% organic certified and go through external pesticide and heavy metal testing to ensure organic verification.

Custom Sweetness Level

Fruit naturally contains a lot of sugar, which is why it tastes so sweet. Sometimes that’s exactly what you’re looking for, sometimes not so much. That’s why we offer sweetness customization where you can choose your level of natural sugar content, from sugar-free to high sugar and everything in between.

Milling & Co-Pack Services


If you are looking for a different size of mesh, we are happy to provide you with different milling options. All of our fruits and vegetables can be customized to your specifications with our range of in-house mills and sifting tools. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll create a custom order for you. We also offer toll milling and sifting services.

co-packaging line


We offer co-pack services of powders or pieces with our internal consumer pack size lines. Get in touch for details and minimum order sizes.

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