Our Story

One day while visiting a farmer friend, our founder was shown an entire field of broccoli that the farmer wasn’t going to be able to sell and the entire crop was set to be left in the field unused. The broccoli was still perfectly good, but because it had been touched by frost it was considered unsellable.Our founder thought it was a shame to let so much food go to waste and saw an opportunity: what if someone bought surplus produce that farmers normally couldn’t sell, and turned it into a product that people could really use? This way, local farmers would get paid for the produce they normally couldn’t get rid of, and all that food wouldn’t go to waste.

That’s how North of 49 Naturals was born.

Every year, many crops are considered unsellable despite still being full of nutrients and flavour. Hail-damaged apples, rain-damaged blueberries, and any produce that is slightly bruised or otherwise not aesthetically appealing enough to sell is left in the field and goes unsold and unused.

North of 49 Naturals started out selling dehydrated greens to a company that made nutritious snack bars, then expanded into blueberries, cranberries, and other products as we got to know more and more farmers who had surplus produce that they wanted taken off their hands.

Today, North of 49 Naturals has grown significantly, with products sourced worldwide, but continues to operate as a small family business. North of 49 Naturals is dedicated to creating environmentally conscious, nutritious products and to giving back to the community as much as possible.

Two hands holding produce plant

Giving Back

North of 49 Naturals is a proud supporter of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, which has recently seen a significant rise in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Food Bank distributes approximately 4.5 million pounds of food each year. For every $1 North of 49 Naturals donates, the Food Bank can purchase $3 worth of food from local farmers and wholesalers. To support the Food Bank and find out more ways to give, see details here.

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