Welcome to the North of 49 Naturals Family

North of 49 means we source ingredients from North of the 49th Parallel – primarily through local farms and processors. All products are made in Canada and Certified Organic.

For over a decade we have specialized in sourcing quality fruits and vegetables fresh from local farmer’s fields. We utilize these fresh ingredients by stabilizing them, and making them available in nutritious and convenient products for today's health-conscious consumer.


Retain the highest amount of antioxidants
Keep the vibrant all-natural colour of the fruit
Capture the original flavours, rich in vitamins
Guarantees a long-term shelf life with no loss in quality

Our Mission

Mission Statement: Our goal in life is to create healthy food, and food ingredients for your fast-paced world. To achieve this we are committed to:

  • Local Sourcing
  • Innovation: We use new and innovative technologies to maximize nutrients
  • Quality: We fully meet and exceed accredited industry standards for food quality and preparation, all new products are tested by our employee’s families.

Our Factory

Our factory in North Vancouver is equipped to support the complete vertical integration for creating food products from farm fresh ingredients.

Our Manufacturing and Process Engineering team fabricates and maintains a multitude of industrial equipment, including high-speed mills, low-thermal dryers, blenders, packaging, and labeling machines.

Our onsite testing equipment is able to test for brix, granularity, microbes, and moisture content. We ensure that only the freshest and highest quality product leaves our factory. To learn more about our processes and products please follow a link below.

Made in Canada