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North of 49 takes sustainability seriously. All of our products are made using fresh, high quality surplus produce that would otherwise be wasted. We work primarily with local farms but also draw product from farms all over the world, many of which are small, family-owned businesses.


We take advantage of surplus fresh fruits and vegetables from growers and processors, stabilize through dehydration, and sell B2B to industrial markets. We use good quality fruits and vegetables and our proprietary, low-thermal drying method to make nutritious, additive-free produce flakes and powders.


We offer all of our powders and flakes in both conventional/natural (non-organic) and organic options. We provide custom milling and sifting services in order to adapt our products to clients’ needs. You can also have your order customized to the exact size grade that you need with our in-house milling and sifting operation. For our fruit products, you can also customize your sweetness–go sugar free, high sugar, or somewhere in between.

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In 2004, when our founder was visiting a friend’s broccoli farm, he learned how much high quality produce is normally left in the field unused in the farm industry and saw an opportunity to create a product that would be nutritious, useful, and environmentally conscious. This farm visit sparked an idea that would soon become North of 49 Naturals.

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Giving Back

Due to COVID-19, the Food Bank has seen a significant rise in demand. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank distributes approximately 4.5 million pounds of food each year. For every $1 North of 49 Naturals donates, the Food Bank can purchase $3 worth of food from local farmers and wholesalers. To Support the Food Bank, find out more ways to give and how you can help at a time like this.

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