Vegetable Products

Kootenay Kitchen – by North of 49 Naturals

North of 49’s Kootenay Kitchen line of products continues the tradition of utilizing locally sourced ingredients.

We have begun sourcing vegetables from farms in Delta, B.C. These fresh ingredients are taken straight from the farm and processed using our proprietary, certified-organic processing methods. We use these ingredients to make delicious Vege Patés, and traditional Gomashio (Sesame Sprinkles).

Veggie Paté

All Natural, All Organic

Try our wheat and gluten-free, certified organic Vege Patés. They are perfect for Vegans, and everyone else!

  • Three delicious flavours
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Support local farmers
  • Good for you!


Traditional Japanese Salt

Gomashio has been used as an alternative to traditional table salt in Japanese cuisine for centuries.

Comes in 3 Flavours:
  • Traditional Gomashio
  • Salt-Free Sea Vegetable
  • Sea Vegetable