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Ways to Use Vegetable Powders

North of 49 provides bulk organic vegetable powder to a wide range of industrial manufacturers, as well as to thousands of people with our Reach Your Peak Naturals – RYP Naturals consumer brand online.

Our biggest markets for bulk organic vegetable powder products are in the pet industry, nutraceutical as well as into supplements. Each of these manufacturers use our products in a dried form to find efficiencies in their production as well as enhancing their final product with high quality dehydrated organic vegetable powder. There are so many ways to use vegetable powder. N49 provides the best vegetable powder, which is why our end users will use our dried vegetable powder in pet as well as equestrian products, rather than sourcing and handling raw materials at a much higher price.

Furthermore, the volume of handling these raw materials creates so many production issues, the ease of bringing in our bulk organic vegetable powder makes their production significantly easier. As an example, a pet manufacturer may require 1,000 dry kilograms of organic pumpkin powder for their final product.  We can purchase significantly more raw organic pumpkin at a significantly better price with our efficiencies and then pass that savings on to the manufacturer. Additionally, we also eliminate all their raw material handling issues and provide them with stable dried vegetable powders, in a much smaller easier to use format.

We have seen other end users use our bulk organic vegetable powder in supplements, bakeries, and nutraceuticals. We have also seen our vegetable powder used as flavour enhancements in beer manufacturing.

Organic Spinach Powder is a favorite for supplements with its deep green colour and amazing health benefits. It’s almost impossible for some people to get enough nutrients in a day, one tbsp of our spinach powder is equivalent to a full cup of raw spinach.

Organic Kale Powder is a great addition to many dry pet products such as treats, kibble and supplements, again for its amazing nutritional benefit. With rising inflation at grocery stores raw kale and other greens have become costly. Therefore, adding a powdered alternative into your morning smoothie or baked goods will be much more cost effective in the long term.

Most veggie powder rehydrates at a 10 to 1 (or larger) ratio, so you don’t need a lot of powder to get a single serving. Many consumers use our organic vegetable powder as a great easy way to get their vegetables in a smoothie or simply add it into their daily cooking and baked goods. We have a veggie powder recipe blog on our RYP Naturals website with some great ideas for some inspiration and ways to use our products.

The best vegetable powders for colouring are our beet powder and pumpkin powder. Since both products have incredible vibrant red and orange colours, it rehydrates the powdered product to an attractive vivid colour. Our pumpkin powder can be rehydrated into a natural pumpkin puree in a matter of seconds, which is extremely convenient to have on hand when baking!