4 Ways to Use Beet Powder Everyday

Since ancient times, beets are famous for their natural sweetness. They make some food extra tasty and give them a dark hue. Back then, however, not many people were familiar with its lineup of health benefits including the abilities to boost immune system, act as an anti-inflammatory nutrient, lower blood pressure, and aid in the detoxification process. Now, because the prehistoric food’s advantages are no secret, different experts in food, culinary, and nutrition continue to share different ways on how to use the powder for everyday use.

Here is a list of 4 ways to use beet powder:

# 1 – Use as Sugar Substitute
For those who prefer to use healthy and organic products like those sold by North of 49 Naturals, relying on beetroot powder as an alternative to artificial sweets and sweeteners is advised. It is healthy and carries a mild sweetness that promises to make food just as tasty. If the desired flavor is sweeter than a beet or two could offer, the solution is to double the amount of the powder. Especially for those who are having trouble lowering their blood sugar levels, the substitute is best for everyday use.

# 2 – Use as Gravy
With beet powder, especially one that has not undergone excessive commercial processes, you can fix yourself an ideal sauce, soup, or gravy to couple with almost any main course. In India and other oriental countries, in fact, some people seek for it because of the signature spiciness it comes with. Together with the grounded bits, simply cut and mix onions, tomato, pepper, cumin, and you are all good to boil and serve. With the side dish, you can have an extra spice when having pieces of chicken, bread, potato, or even any rice meal.

# 3 – Use as Food Coloring
Beet root powder, because it contains a pigment known as betanin, can serve as a natural organic coloring and can be best for creating that magenta, red, or pink color for different delicious treats every day. Whether you will be making magenta, red or pink pancakes, red velvet cake, or pinkish bread, the mix can serve you well. According to some people, you cannot easily form the kind of hue the healthy herb gives. In addition, when blended, it enhances the flavor of the product.

# 4 – Use as Energy-Booster in Juices
Beet root powder can also serve as an energy booster. In fact, some people take a spoonful of the root powder every day and add it to their morning drink to keep them energized throughout the day. Apple, pear, and pineapple with beetroot powder are the more popular ingredients combined with the powdered beets. There is also an eastern European traditional beverage (some prefer to formulate it with beetroot powder) considered safer to drink than water.

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